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Management career at ams

At ams we are committed to developing the potential of our employees at every level. For those who want to take the step from a technical or professional focus to a career in management we have developed an integrated management career program which offers a select group of strong performers a "fast track" opportunity to advance their career.

To be successful in a management position requires a broad range of know-how and skills - that's why we have created a sophisticated training program providing all the tools you will need in your new role. The program combines tailored in-house training modules and hands-on experience in different parts of the company with high-calibre seminars at internationally renowned external training partners and runs over a period of 2 years.

Participants in the management training program will have an internal mentor who provides guidance, coaching and feedback regarding the program and the participant's career at ams. At the start of the program, an individual training plan for each participant will be defined which is geared towards the participant's future areas of responsibility.

We see this significant investment by the company in ams' future managers as another sign of our strong commitment to the people who drive our success.