Position Sensor ICs

ams’ contactless position sensors deliver best-in-class strayfield immunity, superior durability and adherence to the most stringent safety requirements.

New Product: AS5172

High-Resolution On-Axis Magnetic Angular Position Sensor with PSI5 Output

ams’ new AS5172 complements the ams 70-series of high-resolution angular position sensors. The AS5172 has a highly reliable and fast PSI5-bus interface, which can transmit a 12-bit angle information over high secure data bus according to newest PSI5 standards (PSI5 specification Version 1.3 and 2.1).

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System in Package (SiP)

Watch this video explaining ams' system in package design, which does not require circuit boards. With a system in package product design the unit sensor and the associated external components are integrated into one small housing.

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Position sensing is key for robots to control position, orientation or motion of the robotic joints.
ams magnetic position sensors bring to the market, high accuracy, very low power consumption, and ultra-small packaging solutions that are critical in robot motor joint control. ams magnetic position sensors are unique to the market as they are immune to magnetic stray fields, and provide very low propagation delay and ultra-fast output refresh rates.

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Industrial / Consumer

ams’ magnetic position sensors are suitable for many application because of an easy and flexible sensor configuration and the reliability in the harshest environments.

Automotive - Car


ams’ magnetic position sensors meet the stringent requirements for the most challenging safety critical applications and are available with automotive qualification using ISO 26262 safety standard.


Stray Field Immunity

Stray Field Immunity is a unique patented technology by ams, protecting sensors from interfering magnetic fields. Additional external shielding variants are not necessary because the SFI-technology is integrated into the IC, which decrease costs at the final application level.

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System in Package

With SiP technology the unit sensor and associated external passive components are integrated into one small housing. This reduces the footprint, lowers system costs, and frees the manufacturer of the need and cost to develop and assemble a PCB. A SiP is far less sensitive to incorrect placement. Therefore, it provides more accurate and reliable sensor measurements. SiP is flexible in its installation and orientation.

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Dynamic Angle Error Compensation (DAEC™)

Dynamic Angle Error Compensation (DAEC™) is a revolutionary new technology that yields almost zero output latency and ultra-fast refresh rates.

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ams’ contactless position sensors offer best-in-class stray field immunity, superior durability and adhere to the most stringent safety requirements. The portfolio includes a broad range of high performance rotary and linear magnetic position ICs suited for automotive, industrial and consumer applications. ams' position sensors are available with fully automotive qualification using the ISO26262 safety standard.

Position Control

ams’ position sensors offer high accuracy, low power consumption and flexible configuration settings.

Target applications:

  • Rotary switches
  • Pedal position
  • Potentiometers replacement
  • Plunger position
  • Throttle valve position
  • Tumble flap

Motor Motion Control

ams’ position sensors for motor control have special features which make them ideal for motor applications. The AS5147 series is equipped with revolutionary integrated dynamic angle error compensation (DAEC™) that yields almost zero output latency and ultra-fast refresh rates.

Target applications:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • High speed application

Position Sensing

The AS56xx series has a highly flexible setup, which is suitable in many applications.
The AS5x6x and AS517x series are fully automotive qualified using the ISO26262 safety standard.

Motor Control Sensing

The AS5147y series is fully automotive qualified using the ISO26262 safety standard.
The AS5x15 series has special interface with sin/cos output.

Technical Documents

  • AppNote AS5048A SPI Sensor Readout
    0.37 MB (pdf) Download
  • AppNote AS5048B I2C sensor readout
    0.41 MB (pdf) Download
  • AppNote Improvements for EMC
    0.62 MB (pdf) Download
  • AppNote AS5x6y-ECU Configuration
    0.68 MB (pdf) Download
  • AppNote AS505xA Error Monitoring
    0.40 MB (pdf) Download
  • AppNote AS514x / AS5245
    0.83 MB (pdf) Download
  • AppNote AS5403 CRC
    0.49 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note AS5x70 Description of Linearization Feature
    0.65 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note AS5x70 Description of MagneticExtendedRange Feature
    0.42 MB (pdf) Download
  • Application Sheet Robotics
    0.12 MB (pdf) Download
  • Application Sheet Drone
    0.21 MB (pdf) Download
  • Application Sheet Electric Power Steering
    0.40 MB (pdf) Download
  • Application Sheet Contactless Magnetic Position Sensors in Robotics
    0.17 MB (pdf) Download
  • Application Sheet Contactless Magnetic Position Sensors Portfolio for Robotics
    0.25 MB (pdf) Download
  • Application Sheet Contactless Pedal
    0.23 MB (pdf) Download
  • Technical Article: Contactless Position Sensors
    1.62 MB (pdf) Download
  • Technical Article: ISO26262 - new safety requirement
    1.89 MB (pdf) Download
  • Technical Article: Magnetic sensing technology in BLDC motors
    1.65 MB (pdf) Download
  • Technical Article: Strayfield Immunity
    1.37 MB (pdf) Download
  • Technical Article: Technologie und Verfahren für sicherheitskritische Anforderungen
    0.70 MB (pdf) Download
  • Technical Article: How more accurate contactless position sensors can improve the performance and reduce the cost of electric motors
    0.61 MB (pdf) Download

Application Demo Videos

Need help with an application? Watch our videos, where ams specialists show how to use position sensors.



Position sensors have One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory for storing configuration, ID and manufacturer information.


Demo boards

Adapter boards and socket boards are available for each position sensor type. Along with also available magnet holders, ams can provide a complete plug and play evaluation environment. ams supplies the following boards for special topics:



The sensor measures the position/angle of a dipole magnet. For evaluation only, a small quantity of magnets can be ordered from ams. Larger quantities for production must be ordered directly from the magnet manufacturer



  • ams’ 47 series position sensors won the award Auto Electronic Innovation Product in China.
  • ams' AS5048 position sensors were selected best motion control solution at the Game Changer Awards
  • ams’ 47 series position sensors won 2015 the “Best of Sensors Expo Award” in the category Innovation
  • The AS5600 12-bit magnetic position sensor was chosen by EDN editors and readers as an EDN Hot 100 product in the sensor industry.

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