Industry-Leading Environmental Sensor Solutions

ams provides off-the-shelf environmental sensor solutions for monitoring air quality, and relative humidity and temperature changes in a wide range of applications

Market Automotive


ams has a range of air quality modules and sensor solutions that can be used in automotive applications.

Market Haba

Home and Building Automation

ams has a range of environmental sensors that can be used to monitor indoor air quality, temperature and relative humidity at home or in the work space. 

Market Mobile


ams has a range of miniature environmental sensor solutions designed for low power that can be used to monitor indoor air quality, temperature and relative humidity in smart phones and wearable devices.

Success Stories


A key function of the Home room monitor is to give the user a simple and credible measure of air quality. We felt that the integrity of Home’s air-quality rating depended on very accurate measurements of the key pollutants: VOCs. This is why we chose to use the AS-MLV-P2 in Home. Not only is the sensor an excellent product, however, but also the hardware and software design expertise and support of the ams engineering team was outstanding, and this enabled us to integrate the AS-MLV-P2 into our product design with very little difficulty.

Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings

To verify the overall performance of one of our decentralized ventilation systems with integrated ams indoor air quality module, designed to meet the demand for controlled ventilation, an independent institute has been employed. As expected, the module demonstrated sound correlation to CO2 and even responded to emissions from furniture and office materials. We are very satisfied with its performance and additional benefits in terms of comfort and improved air quality.

Dirk Scherder, Manager FSL / Air-Water-Systems, TROX GmbH, Germany

ams‘ low-power VOC is exactly what we were looking for, when developing Cubesensors. There was really no alternative in VOC sensing units in terms of power consumption and performance. Cubesensors are battery-powered, multi-sensor units for indoor environment monitoring and VOC sensor is a crucial part of this product.


Air Quality Sensor Solutions                  


With a track record going back almost two decades, ams is the industry-leading provider of gas sensor solutions for air quality monitoring in a wide range of applications, including automotive, consumer and industrial.
ams has developed a wide portfolio of sensors from simple analogue devices like AS-MLV-P2 or CCS801, to complete off-the-shelf solutions, such as iAQ-Core and CCS811 with embedded software for indoor air quality monitoring e.g. TVOC or equivalent CO2.


Target applications include:

  • Air cleaners and purifiers
  • Home controllers
  • Cooker or range hoods
  • Smartphones
  • Smart thermostats

Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors


ams' temperature and relative humidity sensors are ideal for space and power constrained designs, such as portable and connected smart home devices as well as appliances. The ENS210 digital relative humidity and temperature sensor comes pre-calibrated and ready-to-use, delivers high accuracy in a compact package with ultra-low power consumption. Similarly, the AS6200 digital temperature sensor offers high accuracy, ultra-low power consumption in a compact WL-CSP package.


Target applications include:

  • Portable devices for personal health and wellness
  • Air cleaners, air purifiers and smart thermostats, weather stations
  • Home appliances, such as washing machines, dishwasher, and dryers
  • Baby monitoring devices
  • Transportation condition monitoring

Key Features & Benefits

Proven track record

ams has a proven and successful track record of over 10 years in supplying MOX gas sensors to automotive, industrial and consumer applications.


Off-the-shelf Solution

CCS811 in combination with ENS210 provides customers with an off-the-shelf air quality system solution in smaller factor design that does not require host intervention for faster time-to-market and provides a better end-user experience.


Optimized low-power modes

CCS811 pulsed heating modes (10sec and 60sec) reduce the average power consumption. This combined with the low-power standby mode of ENS210, make them the ideal combination for low-duty cycle applications like indoor air quality monitoring.

Technical Documents

  • App Note CCS801 Assembly guidelines
    0.38 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note CCS801 Design Guidelines
    0.68 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note CCS811 Assembly guidelines
    0.39 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note CCS811 Design guidelines
    0.47 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note CCS811 Programming and Interfacing Guide
    1.12 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note CCS811 Downloading new Application Firmware
    0.53 MB (pdf) Download
  • App Note ENS210 Design Guidelines
    0.58 MB (pdf) Download
  • New small, low-power MOX VOC sensors: how might they be used for indoor air quality monitoring?
    0.62 MB (pdf) Download