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Demo Kits Newton for AS3980 and AS3993

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The AS3980/AS3993 demo kit NEWTON is a medium range EPC Gen 2 type UHF RFID Reader system for the 915 MHz FCC ISM band. The output power of the NEWTON is configurable up to 28 dBm. NEWTON features a selectable on-board chip antenna (AM11DG-ST01) as well as an option for a SMB connector for external antennas. The included Reader Suite software features tag read and write operations, full access to all the AS3980/AS3993 registers and it incorporates special functions like the Generic Command and a tag movement detection tool.

Key Features

  • 28 dBm output power
  • On-board antenna w optional  SMB external antenna connector
  • In-circuit test points for digital, analog and RF signals
  • USB/UART interface

Product Facts


Additional Information


Typical applications for the NEWTON demo reader design include:

  •  Embedded consumer applications
  • Mobile applications (low power handheld, PDAs, smart phones)
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)
  • Embedded industrial applications
  • Gaming
  • Desk top readers
  • Low/mid powered modules