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AS8515 Analog Front-End

Data acquisition system with power management and LIN transceiver

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The AS8515 is a Data Acquisition System with Power Management and LIN Transceiver for 12V Battery Sensor Applications. It is designed for simultaneous measurement of shunt current sensor signal and battery voltage by two independent ADC channels. Both channels can measure small signals up to ±160 mV versus ground through programmable gain amplifier or larger signals in the 1V range without amplifier.

Key Features

  • Watchdog in the device standby mode as a factory option
  • Over temperature warning & shutdown functions
  • Synchronous acquisition for both ADC channels
  • Offset auto zero architecture on both channels

Key Benefits

  • High flexibility
  • ASIL supportive
  • less external protection components ==> optimzied System Costs

Product Facts

Channels [#] 1 +3 mux
Resolution [bit] 16
Sampling rate [ksps] up to 4
Zero offset Offset less than 1LSB (0,2 LSB typ)
Supply voltage [V] 12 nominal (4.3 - 18)
Standby current [µA] 80
µC Interface SPI
Supply Current [mA @ max speed] 5
Supply Current [mA] 5
Package MLF (5x5)

Additional Information


The AS8515 is suitable for battery sensors, having shunt current sensor at minus pole. For lead acid, AGM, Li-Ion batteries up to 18V nominal, 42V over voltage capability. The device is also ideal as a general purpose sensor interface for automotive LIN slaves.