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AS3823 LED Driver

6-channel white LED controller for LCD backlight


The AS3823 is a 6 channels precision LED controller for use in LCD backlight panels. Dynamic power feedback controls the external power supply to guarantee best efficiency. Build in safety features include thermal shutdown as well as open and short LED detection. The device is programmable via serial interface.

Key Features

  • 6 Channel LED driver
  • Output voltage only limited by external transistor
  • Output current only limited by external transistor
  • Linear current setting using 10-bit DAC
  • Current accuracy ±0.5% @ VDAC=250mV

Product Facts

Outputs [#] 6
LED current per output [mA] depends on external FET
Features enhanced digital feedback, 3D, DPLL
Error detection
LED-to-LED matching [%] 0.2
Supply voltage [V] 4.0 to 5.5
Package QFN32 (5x5)-0.5p
TQFP32 (7x7)-0.8p

Additional Information


The AS3823 is suitable for LED backlighting for LCD such as TV sets and monitors.