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AS3810 LED Driver

16-channel white LED controller for LCD backlight


The AS3810 is a 16 channels precision LED driver for use in LCD backlight panels. Dynamic power feedback controls the external power supply to guarantee best efficiency. Built-in safety features include thermal shutdown as well as open and short LED detection. The device is programmable via serial interface.

Key Features

  • 16 Channel LED driver
  • Output voltage max. 30V
  • Output current 177.5mA
  • Linear current setting using two range 8-bit IDAC
  • No external resistor needed

Product Facts

Outputs [#] 16
LED current per output [mA] 177.5
Features enhanced digital feedback, 3D
Error detection
LED-to-LED matching [%] 0.9
Supply voltage [V] 5.5
Package QFN32 (5x5)-0.5p

Additional Information


The AS3810 is suitable for LED backlighting for LCD such as TV sets and monitors.