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AS3675 Lighting Management Unit

Flexible lighting management unit with charge-pump, DC-DC, 13 current sinks

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The AS3675 is a highly-integrated CMOS Power and Lighting Management Unit for mobile phones. The AS3675 incorporates one Step Up DC/DC Converter for white backlight LEDs, one high-power Charge Pump, one Analog-to-Digital Converter and 13 current sinks. The RGB and white LEDs can be controlled and synchronized by an audio input.


Key Features

  • High-efficiency DC/DC step-up converter
  • High-efficiency high-power charge-pump
  • 13 fully programmable current sinks (8-bit)
  • PWM generation and LED pattern generator

Key Benefits

  • Up to 16V/55mA (or 25V/35mA) for white LEDs
  • Output current up to 300mA/500mA pulsed
  • Low voltage and 3 high voltage current sinks
  • Autonomous logarithmic up/down dimming

Product Facts

# of current sinks [HV] 3
- [LV] 10
Max current (mA) [CP] 300
- [DC-DC] controller*
Max Vled [V] controller*
Features [ LDOs (#)] 1
- [ Auto ALS]
- [ DLS]
- [ RGB Pattern]
- [ Dimming]
- [ Auto-In]
- [LED test]
Flash [Support]
- [max I (mA)] 300
Package WL-CSP30 (3x2.5)-0.5

Additional Information

  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable DVD / TV Player
  • Portable Learning Toys
  • Portable Navigation Devices
  • Portable Medical Consumer Devices