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AS3492 Lighting Management Unit

Highly efficient 2 to 10 LEDs backlight driver with PWM input

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The AS3492 is an inductive highly efficient DCDC boost converter. The DCDC converter operates at a fixed frequency of 2MHz and includes soft startup to allow easy integration into noise sensitive RF systems. A predictable startup is guaranteed even with very low duty cycle PWM input signals. The output of the DCDC converter is used for five current sources connected to up to 10 LEDs.

Key Features

  • 2 MHz DCDC Boost converter
  • 5 current sources up to 25mA
  • Excellent LED current output ripple <500μA

Key Benefits

  • Small 4.7μH external coil
  • Very high system efficiency of 86%
  • High side current source to simplify layout and thermal management of the LEDs

Product Facts

# of current sinks [HV] 5
- [LV] 0
Max current (mA) [CP]
- [DC-DC] 100
Max Vled [V] 7.8
Features [ LDOs (#)]
- [ Auto ALS]
- [ DLS] √ (2x)
- [ RGB Pattern]
- [ Dimming]
- [ Auto-In]
- [LED test]
Flash [Support]
- [max I (mA)]
Package WL-CSP12 (1.7x1.4)-0.5

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Display backlight driver for smart watches, mobile phones, digital cameras, PND and PMPs