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AS1130 LED Driver IC

132LED full color crossplexing driver IC

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The AS1130 is a, I²C interfaced, ultra-compact cross-plexing LED driver IC for 132 single LEDs with error diagnostic & correction. It offers a 8bit PWM per LED and a 8bit analog current adjustment on each matrix for up to 3mA per LED. It offers up to 36 frames of memory and scrolling function reducing MCU load.


Key Features

  • Up to 132LEDs in a 11x12 matrix
  • 8bit PWM per LED and current control per line
  • 36 frames of memory with scrolling option
  • Error detection & correction

Key Benefits

  • Worlds lowest PCB real estate vs LED count
  • 16.7M full color matrix with white balance
  • Reduces MCU load and increases battery lifetime
  • Identifies defect LEDs and "removes" them from the matrix

Product Facts

Outputs [#] 132
LED current per output [mA] 2.5
Features 8-bit PWM & analog current control, dynamic headroom control
Error detection
LED-to-LED matching [%] 2
Supply voltage [V] 2.7 to 5.5
Package WL-CSP-20, SSOP-28

Additional Information

  • Personal Electronics
  • Mobile phones
  • Fitness bands
  • Home appliance
  • Keyboard backlight
  • Lighting effects