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AS3685B LED-flash Driver

1.0A single LED-flash driver


The AS3685B is low noise 1A single LED flash driver. Its capacitive charge-pump operates in 1:1, 1:1.5 and 1:2 modes with automatic mode switching. It supports flash/torch and indicator mode for the flash LED. Additionally the AS3685B limits the flash time automatically to protect the flash LED. Through the easy configurable direct-control interface three current levels are programmable.


Key Features

  • Capacitive charge-pump
  • Small chip-scale package
  • Supports flash, torch and indicator modes

Key Benefits

  • Low system cost
  • Small system size
  • Highly flexible

Product Facts

Topology Capacitive
DC-DC frequ. [MHz]
Performance [ILed max] 1ooomA
- [Vout max] 5.5
LED channels [Curr. sinks] 1
- [Curr. source] low side
- [Flash LEDs] 1
- [Indicator LED] Flash LED
Interfaces [I²C]
- [Enable]
Safety features [TimeOut]
- [TXMask]
Package CS-WLP-12 (2x1.5)
DFN-10 (3x3)

Additional Information


Single LED flash solution for mobile phones