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AS8506 Battery Stack Monitor/Balancer

Cell monitor and cell balancer IC

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The AS8506 Cell Monitor and Cell Balancer IC enables Autonomous cell balancing, Simultaneous cell voltage comparison and Simplified readout of cells all in a robust, simple and small solution. The AS8506 features simultaneous cell voltage comparison with upper and lower threshold, active- or optionally passive cell balancing by simultaneous comparison of actual cell voltages with a target cell voltage. Cells which are below target will either cyclically receive charge packages from an isolated DCDC converter or, optionally, cells above target will cyclically be discharged by an external ­resistor through integrated switches in an autonomous way.

AS8506 nominated as a finalist for the award eCarTecAward 2014 in the category ‘Powertrain and Electronics’!

Key Features

  • Simultaneous cell voltage capture for balancing and SOA monitoring
  • Autonomous balancing and SOA monitoring strongly reduces data communication and data processing and thereby improves EMC robustness
  • Active charge balancing with very few external components for good efficiency and little heat dissipation.
  • Absolute cell voltage readout for OCV capture and cell impedance calculation. Readout of 2 temperature sensors 

Key Benefits

  • recover capacity loss of batteries, increase operating time, as well as  improve overall system run time.
  • tremendously reduced communication saving costs in the system and makeing the system more reliable
  • active balancing is possible as an as an energy efficient option  

Product Facts

Typical standby quiescent current [µA] 17
Balancing current [mA] typically 100
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +85
Number of cells per IC 3-7
Cell voltage range [V] 1.8 - 4.5
Package MLF-40 (6x6)

Additional Information


All li-based cell packs as well as EDLCs (Electrical double-layer capacitors ==> supercapacitors) in following applications:

  • Mobility (like in 12V, 48V, high voltage BMS applications => BEV, HEV, motorcycles, E-scooters, E-Bicycles, E-Kart
  • Consumer Electronics like Powertools (e.g. drill machines)
  • Off/On-grid energy storage ( for photo voltaic / wind energy)