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TSL230ARD Light-to-Frequency

Programmable, DIP package


The TSL230R−LF, TSL230AR−LF, and TSL230BR−LF programmable light-to-frequency converters combine a configurable silicon photodiode and a current-to-frequency converter on single monolithic CMOS integrated circuits. The output can be either a pulse train or a square wave (50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity. Device sensitivity is selectable in three ranges, providing two decades of adjustment. The full-scale output frequency can be scaled by one of four preset values. All inputs and the output are TTL compatible, allowing direct two-way communication with a microcontroller for programming and output interface. An output enable (OE) is provided that places the output in the high-impedance state for multiple-unit sharing of a microcontroller input line.

Key Features

  • ▪ 2.5M:1 input dynamic range
  • ▪ Low dark frequency of 0.4 Hz (Typ)
  • ▪ Programmable gain up to 100X
  • ▪ Power-down mode (5μA Typical)
  • ▪ 5mm x 6.2mm SOIC (D) package

Key Benefits

  • Detects light intensity at a high resolution
  • Provides low light level operation
  • Allows larger operating range
  • Enables low power-down state
  • Reduces board space requirements while simplifying designs

Product Facts

Supply Voltage [V] 2,7-5,5
Responsivity [Hz/uW/cm²] 790 @ 640
Output Frequency [Max.] 1,1 MHz
Selectable Sensitivity and Full-scale Output Frequency
Output Frequency Tolerances [+/- %] 15
Temperature Range [°C] -40 to 85
Packages SOIC-8
Remark Recommended replacement for the TSL230ARP-LF

Additional Information

  • Barcode reader
  • Ambient Light Sensing
  • Turbidity sensing
  • Optical Switch