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TCS3404 Color Sensor

With SYNC input for color sensing synchronization and in-package IR blocking filter (CS package only)


The TCS3404 digital color light sensor is designed to accurately derive the color chromaticity and illuminance (intensity) of ambient light and provide a digital output with 16-bits of resolution. The devices include an 8 × 2 array of filtered photodiodes, analog-to-digital converters, and control functions on a single monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. Of the 16 photodiodes, 4 have red filters, 4 have green filters, 4 have blue filters, and 4 have no filter (clear). With the advanced patent pending in-package trim capability, device-to-device and system-to-system tolerance can be minimized allowing very precise repeatability to be attained.  This data is transferred via an SMBus to the host.


Not Recommended for New Designs!
ams AG is discontinuing production of this device. Final lifetime buy order must be placed by March 31, 2017. 

Key Features

  • Four independent analog-to-digital converters
  • A reference-channel for Color Analysis (Clear channel photo-diode)
  • Synchronous Input pin▪ Programmable interrupt function
  • Available in 1.88mm x 2mm Chipscale and 3mm x 3mm Dual Flat no-lead (FN) packages

Key Benefits

  • Minimizes motion / transient errors
  • Clear-Channel provides a reference allows for isolation of color content  
  • Enables synchronous integration cycle to pulse width modulated light sources
  • Reduces micro-processor Interrupt  overhead
  • Reduces board space requirements while simplifying designs

Product Facts

Supply Voltage [V] 2.7 -3.6
Interface SMBus
Color Sensor Channels RGBC
IR Blocking Filter CS Only
Programmable Gain and Integration Time, Interrupt
Temperature Range [°C] -30 to 70 (FN) -40 to 85 (CS)
Packages FN, CS, Pin Count 6

Additional Information

  • Light color temperature measurement
  • RGB LED Backlight control
  • RGB LED consistency control
  • Health fitness
  • Industrial process control
  • Medical diagnostic equipment