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TSL2550 Ambient Light Sensor

Ambient light sensor with SMBus interface


The TSL2550 is a digital-output light sensor with a two-wire, SMBus serial interface. It combines two photodiodes and a companding analog-todigital converter (ADC) on a single CMOS integrated circuit to provide light measurements over an effective 12-bit dynamic range with a response similar to that of the human eye.

Key Features

  • Patented dual-diode architecture
  • SMBus digital interface
  • 1mW active power mode
  • Available in 2.6mm x 3.8mm TMB or 5mm x 6.2mm SOIC (D) packages

Key Benefits

  • Enables operation in IR light environments
  • Digital interface is less susceptible to noise
  • Enabling a low active and power-down modes reduces average power consumption
  • Reduces board space requirements while simplifying designs

Product Facts

Supply Voltage [V] 2.7 - 5.5
Interface SMBus
Programmable Gain - Fixed, Integration Time - 400, 800 mS
Maximum Lux 10000
Temperature Range [°C] 0 to 70
Packages (SOIC-8) D, (T-4) T
Remark Not recommended for new designs. Please see TSL2571x device family.

Additional Information

  • Display backlight control
  • Keyboard illumination control
  • Solid-state and general lighting control
  • Printer paper detection