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TMD27713 Ambient Light Sensor

Digital ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and IR LED in an optical module 1.8v I2C


The TMD2771 family of devices provides digital ambient light sensing (ALS), a complete proximity detection system, and digital interface logic in a single 8-pin package. The proximity detector includes a digital proximity sensor, LED driver, and IR LED, which are trimmed to eliminate the need for end-equipment calibration due to component variations. Excellent background light rejection allows the device to operate in environments from sunlight to dark rooms. The wide dynamic range allows for operation in short distance detection such as a cell phone (behind dark glass). An internal state machine provides the ability to put the device into a low-power mode in between ALS and proximity measurements, providing very low average power consumption.

Key Features

  • Integrated ALS, proximity sensor & IR LED
  • ALS based on patented dual-diodes
  • 1M:1 dynamic range
  • Proximity detection calibrated and trimmed to  provide consistent reading
  • Programmable LED drive current

Key Benefits

  • Module reduces board space and design effort
  • Enables operation in IR light environments
  • Allows accurate sensing behind spectrally distorting materials (e.g. dark glass)
  • Pre-calibration eliminates need for customer to end-product calibrate
  • Allows multiple power-level selection without external passives

Product Facts

Supply Voltage [V] 2.6 - 3.6
I²C Bus 1.8
Programmable Gain, Integration Time, Interrupt
Integrated Capabilities ALS, Prox, LED Drvr. IR LED
Recommended Operating Distances < 15 cm
Temperature Range [°C] -40 to 85
Packages Surface Mount Module, Pincount 8

Additional Information