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SPICE modeling

The extensive know-how of ams´ process characterization and compact modeling is reflected in the accuracy of our device models. This results in shorter design cycles, superior product quality and accelerated time to market.

Accurate SPICE models for active and passive devices are provided for our CMOS, BiCMOS, SiGe-BiCMOS, and High Voltage process platforms. The accuracy of the electrical characteristics (DC, RF, noise and temperature) is achieved by means of state-of-the art device models (MOS/BSIM3V3, HiSim2, Bipolar/VBIC) and special subcircuit solutions.


The device models are qualified for a wide range of circuit simulators (Spectre, ELDO, HSPICE, ADS, SMARTSPICE, SABER, PSPICE, and SMASH).

All circuit simulation models can be downloaded from our foundry support server.