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High Voltage Processes

Our high voltage process platform supporting 0.18µm, 0.35µm und 0.80µm processes is optimized for complex mixed signal circuits up to 120V operating conditions.

In addition to the standard CMOS transistors, a variety of high voltage transistors are available: HV-NMOS, -PMOS, -DMOS transistors, N-junction FETS, isolated NPN bipolar transistors, and isolated LV-NMOS transistors.

High voltage and standard devices can be easily combined into the same chip. Low power consumption and fast switching speed provide a wide range of applications in the automotive and industrial segments. Further applications are targeted towards high precision analog Front-ends for sensors and transducers.

In combination with our proven mixed signal libraries, the new process family represents the ideal solution for high voltage designs.


0.18µm HV-CMOS:

The ams “H18” process provides leading edge 0.18μm High Voltage technology based on a proprietary scalable HV device architecture. Jointly developed with IBM, the 0.18µm High-Voltage CMOS process is the 6th generation of continuously improved High-Voltage CMOS technologies developed by ams.


0.35µm HV-CMOS:

The ams “H35” process is optimized for complex mixed-signal circuits up to 120V operating conditions


0.80µm HV-CMOS:

ams' mature 0.80µm High-Voltage CMOS process family offers analog/mixed performance and high voltage capabilities at low process complexity.