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0.35µm Embedded Flash Technology

With its 0.35µm embedded Flash technologies, ams provides robust embedded non-volatile memory processes for SoC solutions (System on Chip) in automotive, industrial and consumer applications like RFID, Smart Cards, Sensor Interfaces, Micro controller applications, Trimming applications and others.

Key Features embedded Flash

Based on the 0.35µm CMOS process and 0.35µm High-Voltage CMOS process, the embedded Flash technology offers the following features:

  • Very high reliability (data retention >20 years @ 125°C, endurance 100k)
  • High temperature capability up to 170°C (suitable for automotive applications)
  • Low power consumption
  • Full customizable Flash or EEPROM blocks
  • EEPROM memory blocks accessible like a static RAM
  • Full modularity with 0.35µm CMOS base process C35 enabling reuse of digital library and IP blocks



With just a few additional mask levels, ams offers a very competitive, high-performance process technology to its customers.The very reliable embedded EEPROM/Flash blocks offer low power operation and high data retention over an extended temperature range by using a proven PMOS-based NVM technology. The memory blocks are available as add-on process modules to the 0.35µm CMOS and High-Voltage CMOS processes and can also be configured as EEPROM blocks or Flash memories without any process changes.


Technology Details