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Foundry IPs

The design of mixed signal chips is getting more and more complex. Time to market, quality and reuse of blocks are three important facts. To optimize the project flow ams has implemented an IP-Pool.

The Foundry IP-Blocks focuses on the following areas:

  • IP blocks included in the hitkit
  • Flash ADCs
  • Pipelined ADCs
  • Switch-Capacitor ADCs
  • Current Steering DACs
  • LVDS Drivers
  • PECL Drivers
  • RAM-Blocks
  • ROM-Blocks
  • OTP-Blocks
  • Embedded Flash/EEPROM


For ASIC Building Blocks please see ASICs and Products.

To guarantee quality and reuse each IP-Block is qualified. This means that every cell is silicon proven and fully characterized.

Price information can be obtained from the local sales representatives.