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Ultrasonic Flow Converters

ams market leading solutions for ultrasonic flow meters measure heat, water and gas flows. Based on TDC (time-to-digital conversion) technology for precision time-of-flight measurement the UFC products operate the analog front end to drive and read transducers, detect the zero crossing in the receive signal and measure time delays. The whole frontend is optimized for ultra-low power operation. The TDC-GP30 integrates a low-power 32-bit CPU to calculate the flow. To communicate the GP30 offers SPI, UART or pulse interface.

Product Datasheet Demoboard Price (1k)*
TDC-GP21 Time-to-digital converter with integrated analog frontend PDF   Request  
TDC-GP22 Next generation time-to-digital converter with integrated analog frontend PDF   Request  
TDC-GP30 System-on-Chip solution for ultrasonic flow metering PDF   Request  
TDC-GP30-F01 Firmware supported intelligent ultrasonic flow converter PDF View Request  

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