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AS2540 Single Chip Phone

Remote controlled single-chip telephone IC with a 2-wire serial interface

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The AS2540 is a CMOS integrated circuit that incorporates a speech circuit (line-adaptation, 2/4-wire conversion, separate Rx and Tx amplifiers for handset and modem), MF dialler, ring frequency detector, ring melody generator and a two wire serial interface. The AS2540 is a/b-line-powered and interfaces with a main-powered CPU to the analog telephone line.


Key Features

  • Line Interface, Speech Circuit, MF Dialler and Tone Ringer on a 28 pin CMOS chip
  • Programmable via 2-wire serial interface
  • Additional input for modem transmit path and additional output for modem receive path
  • Operating range from 15mA to 100mA (down to 5mA with educed performance)

Key Benefits

  • AS2540 can operate in a mainpower mode and in a backup mode
  • In backup mode (main-power failure or SW engine problem) AS2540 can operate as an independent basic telephone
  • Unique EMC performance

Product Facts

Supply voltage [V] 3.6 to 5.0
Operating range [mA] 15 to 100
Temperature range [°C] -15 to +60
Last number + memory dialing 0
Tone ringer
Handsfree function
Package SOIC-28,
die on foil

Additional Information

  • Web Telephones
  • Answering Machines
  • Fax Machines
  • Base Station of Cordless Telephones