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AS2536 Single Chip Phone

Single-chip telephone IC with line interface, speech circuit, dialler and ringer


The AS2536 is Single-chip Basic Phone integrated circuit and contains all functions needed to build a high performance electronic telephone set with basic features. The AS2536 incorporates a line interface, a speech circuit, a dialler and ringer, LNR (last number redial), 4 direct (one-touch) memories and 10 indirect (two-touch) memories.


Key Features

  • Line Interface and Speech circuit with electronic Rx volume control and microphone mute
  • 31 digit last number redial (LNR) and 4 direct/10 indirect memories
  • 3-tone melody generator
  • Operating range from 13 to 100 mA (down to 5 mA with reduced performance) 

Key Benefits

  • True single-chip telephone IC with all the functions for a basic telephone
  • Unique EMC performance
  • No external power supply (line powered)

Product Facts

Supply voltage [V] 3.8 to 5.0
Operating range [mA] 13 to 100
Temperature range [°C] -25 to +70
Last number + memory dialing 15
Tone ringer
Handsfree function
Package SOIC-28,
die on foil

Additional Information


Basic Telephones with LNR and memories