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AS3515 Audio Codec

Stereo audio codec with power management system


High performance Analog audio front end with integrated dual channel 18bit DAC(94dB SNR, 48kHz), 14bit ADC(82dB SNR, 16kHz), speaker and headphone drive capability and multiple high power voltage supplies.

Key Features

  • On chip power management
  • Integrated headphone and speaker driver
  • General purpose ADC

Key Benefits

  • Reduces system component count
  • Single chip companion solution
  • Integrated sensor interface

Product Facts

Power Management "DCDC StepUp: 1x60mA @ 12V
DCDC StepDown: -
LDO: 5x200mA, 1x2mA, 2x MIC
Charge Pump: 1x for Core
Current Sink: 1x40mA (progr.)"
Main Audio Features "Headphone Amp: 1x
Line Out: 1x
Line In: 2x
Microphone In: 2x
Speaker Amplifier 1W
Audio Mix: yes"
Audio Codec SNR "DAC: 94dB
ADC: 83dB"
Speaker Amplifier
Main Interface & Control "Gen. Purpose ADC: 10bit
I2C & I2S: yes
RES & WDT: yes
DRM Enabled (UID): 64bit"
USB Charger with Temp Supervision
Boot ROM for Start-up Sequences 25
Package BGA-64 (7x7)

Additional Information

  • Portable Digital Audio Player and Recorder PDA
  • Smartphone