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AS3501 Active Noise Cancellation

Feedforward ANC solution for embedded systems


Active Noise Cancellation solution addressing feedforward architecture for embedded applications such as MP3 and Multimedia players

Key Features

  • >20dB noise reduction achievable
  • High quality audio chain
  • Fully electronic calibration
  • I²C interface 

Key Benefits

  • Superior performance
  • Pure, unadulterated audio
  • No manual intervention during production
  • User programmable

Product Facts

Function Receive path
Topology Feedforward
Output type Stereo SE / Mono BTL
Max output power (BTL, 1.8V, 32 Ohm) [mW] 125
SNR, THD (SE, 34mW, 32Ohm) [dB] >100, <0.1%
ANC performance [dB] >25
Supply voltage [V] 1.0 to 1.8
Package QFN-24 (4x4)

Additional Information

  • Headsets (Over-ear, On-ear and In-ear)
  • Hands-free kits
  • Mobile phones
  • Portable media players
  • Portable DVD players
AS3501/02 wins EDN China Innovation Award

ams AS3501/02 ANC solution to win EDN China's Annual Innovation Awards Competition

austriamicrosystems to win EDN China Innovation award 2010 - leading poduct