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Innovative gas sensors from ams enable new Cling VOC fitness wristband to measure indoor air quality and alcohol in breath

Cling VOC wristband from HiCling benefits from CCS801 and CCS803 sensors’ small size, high accuracy and very low power consumption

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ams launches the industry’s smallest module to offer color, ambient light and proximity sensing

TMD3700 optical sensor module performance and small space requirements are optimal for next-generation mobile devices with ultra-thin profiles and narrow bezels

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ams divests NFC and RFID reader product lines to increase focus on sensor solutions retaining sensing-related wireless activities

Executing its sensor solutions strategy, ams divests NFC and RFID reader wireless product lines to STMicroelectronics while retaining certain wireless products and IP for next generation sensing

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ams acquires color and spectral sensing specialist MAZeT to extend its leadership in advanced optical sensing

Strategic transaction will drive color and spectral sensing growth opportunities in industrial, automotive and medical applications

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Advanced design kit supports first-time-right designs in analog 180nm CMOS technology

ams’ new “hitkit” design environment offers high-density libraries and improved set of transistors, boosting the analog performance of complex ICs.

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Next generation ams light sensors to shrink smart phone apertures up to 50%

TMD2620 proximity sensor and TMD2725 ALS modules reduce LED emitter-to-sensor gap to just 1.0mm while eliminating the effect of optical cross talk

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ams' new temperature sensor offers best-in-class combination of accuracy, ultra-low power consumption and small size

New AS6200 digital temperature sensor in 1.5 mm x 1mm package is easy to design into IoT, mobile and battery-powered applications

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ams acquires CCMOSS to become world leader in gas and infrared sensing

Completing ams’ sensor portfolio, transaction creates technology leader in CMOS-based gas sensing and infrared sensing for automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer applications

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ams ist offizieller Partner der Special Olympics Winterspiele 2017 in Österreich

Als das erste Unternehmen in Österreich übernimmt ams eine sogenannte Host-Town Patenschaft für Special Olympics

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