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AS3722 Power Management Unit

4 buck DC-DC, 24A DC-DC controller, 12 LDOs, general purpose ADC


The programmable power management unit AS3722 features 4x DCDC buck converters, 3x buck converter (6A to 24A) and 11 low noise LDOs. The high level of integration and the 4MHz switching frequencies ensure small system footprint.

Key Features

  • 4 DCDC step down regulators (3-4MHz)
  • 3 DCDC step down controller with automatic phase shedding
  • 11 universal LDOs (one with DCDC tracking feature)
  • Low power real time clock (<1uA)
  • Programmable stand-by sequence

Key Benefits

  • Compact design due to small coils for IO and memory voltage generation
  • High current generation with external power stages to minimize PMIC power dissipation
  • Multiple independent voltage rails for general purpose IO supplies

Product Facts

DC-DC step up converters [ ]
DC-DC step down converters 8phase + 2phase + 2phase + 4A +2A + 2x1.5A
Special LDOs [mA]
Universal LDOs [mA] 12 x 300
Current sinks [mA]
Charge pump [V/mA]
Audio DAC
Audio ADC
Audio features
General purpose ADC 10-bit, 12 channel
Customizable startup sequences programmable
Package BGA-124 (8x8mm)

Additional Information


The device is suitable for Tablet PCs, NetBooks, portable media players, solid state disk drives, embedded systems.

Supported Processors - Reference Design

Reference designs from processor vendors and partners of ams are available for many processor types.