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Birgit F.

In addition to being a highly professional and internationally oriented organization it's my colleagues who make me enjoy working here. I appreciate the friendly working environment and the contact with 30 different nationalities.

Compensation & Benefits - Human Resources

Compensation & Benefits

We reward performance

We believe that good performance should be rewarded, so we make sure our employees worldwide are well compensated for their efforts as they work on some of the most exciting projects in analog mixed signal semiconductors:

Attractive salary

We offer competitive salaries and additional benefits based on the experience and performance of our employees. If you work for us in Austria, you are entitled to an attractive vacation arrangement while the social insurance system automatically includes pension, accident, health and unemployment insurance. For our employees in the U.S., we offer pension benefits via a 401 K plan.

Profit sharing program

With our profit sharing program we want to honor how all our employees contribute to ams’ success in the global market as a team. Under the Profit Sharing Program we will distribute a share of the company’s pre-tax profit (EBT) directly to each employee.

LTIP Long Term Equity Incentive Plan

We would be happy to tell you about the attractive opportunities offered by our LTIP Long Term Equity Incentive Plan in a personal interview.

Bonus for key projects

Each year, we define key projects that receive top priority. We show our appreciation to the project teams involved with attractive bonuses for the successful completion of these projects on time and to cost.

Patent program

Innovation and the development of new technologies are a core element of our business. That's why we have implemented a program to assist our employees in developing their creative ideas right up to the application for and granting of a patent.

Bonus for publications

For us, research does not just mean development work in a "glass tower". Research also means making individual discoveries and findings known within the engineering community. We actively encourage our employees via a bonus program to publish the results of their work in technical media.

Bonus for employee suggestions

Our employees are the creative force behind our success. We therefore encourage employee suggestions that benefit ams as a whole and reward adopted suggestions.

Bonus for experiments

We strive to constantly experiment with new and innovative ways to develop, manufacture, sell and market new products. The systematic execution of experiments should support us to learn more efficiently. That’s why we encourage every employee to propose experiments which are rewarded according to the achievement of the learning target and its systematic and successful execution.

New Product Proposal (NPP)

In order to maintain a healthy pipeline of new products we have implemented an incentive program for New Product Proposals (NPP). We encourage everyone to participate in this new program as our future success is directly tied to the innovation and creativity of our company’s new products.