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Patrick Sch.

I am in charge of the product reliability laboratory at ams. One of the things I like about this company is that we are open for new ideas and innovation. This gives me the opportunity to actively contribute to our zero defect program further improving the quality of our products.

Head of Product Reliability Laboratory

Technical career at ams

The conventional career path in a company is to advance to a management position. However, we believe this is not necessarily the best solution for someone who wants to keep his focus on the technical field.

That's why at ams we have implemented the technical career as an attractive alternative to the conventional management career. This approach allows us to give due recognition to key holders of expertise as well as important specialists within the company and, at the same time, open development opportunities and perspectives for strong performers in our engineering teams.

We have established a technical career framework which offers our engineers the opportunity to advance along a defined career path. Based on technical expertise, experience and work performance engineers are able to progress through the following positions offering increasing project, team and budget responsibility:

Graduate Engineer - Engineer - Staff Engineer - Senior Engineer - Principal Engineer - Engineering Fellow