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Corporate Governance

ams AG, as an Austrian company listed in Switzerland, is subject to the regulations of the SIX Swiss Exchange’s directive concerning information on Corporate Governance (“Swiss Corporate Governance Directive”). The Swiss Corporate Governance Directive in electronic format is available here.

According to the Swiss Corporate Governance Directive, ams publishes corporate governance information in its Annual Report in a separate section entitled Corporate Governance. The current annual report of ams in electronic format is available here.

Management Transactions / Disclosure of Shareholdings

In compliance with the disclosure provisions of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, information on management transactions requiring publication and disclosed shareholdings can be accessed on the SIX Swiss Exchange Regulation website for management transactions and disclosed shareholdings.





Type of transaction / Type of rights

Total amount of rights

Transaction value

Further transaction details


Management Board

Michael Wachsler-Markowitsch

Purchase / Bearer Shares


CHF 1,239,942.36

Exercise of options; average strike price EUR 11.86 per option


Management Board

Alexander Everke

Purchase / Bearer Shares


CHF 519,200.00



Supervisory Board

Klaus Iffland

Purchase / Bearer Shares


CHF 11,450.000