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AS1345A Boost Converter

18V, High Efficiency, 100mA coil current, DC-DC Step-Up Converter

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The AS1345 is a hysteretic boost converter, capable of 20mA at 18V output. With efficiencies up to 90%, the device operates from 2.9V to 5V input to generate 5V to 18V output

Key Features

  • Input 2.9V to 5V
  • 360mW output up to 18V output
  • 90% efficiency

Key Benefits

  • Li-Ion applications
  • OLED supply
  • Long battery life

Product Facts

Input voltage [V] 2.9 to 5.0
Output voltage [V] 5.0 to 18
Output current [mA] 40
Efficiency [%] 90
Iq [µA] 25
Architecture Hysteretic
fmax [kHz]
Enable/SHDN [/SHDN]
Reset/POK [POK]
Features Power good output, shutdown, output disconnect in shutdown
fixed and adjustable output versions
Package TDFN (2x2)-8 WL-CSP-8 (0.4mm pitch)

Additional Information


The AS1345 is ideal for small and low current demand LCD panels, as well as for polymer LEDs (OLED), cell phones, PDAs, readers, mobile terminals and 3D shutter glasses.