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Color Sensors

The color sensor product family provides red, green, blue and clear (RGBC) light sensing for precise color measurement, determination, and discrimination. A SYNC input allows for greater accuracy by enabling the color sensing to be synchronized with an external event. For example, in LED solid state lighting, the SYNC input enables the color reading to be synchronized with the PWM signal and illumination of the LEDs. Color sensors are available with a built-in IR blocking filter for accurate color measurement by minimizing the effects due to unwanted IR light sources in sunlight and other light sources.

Product Datasheet Demoboard Price (1k)*
AS73210 Industrial-grade XYZ color sensor with large detector area Request View Request  
AS73211 True Color Sensor IC with I²C interface for relative and absolute color measurement Request View Request  
TCS3200 Programmable color light-to-frequency converter PDF View Request  
TCS3400 Color light-to-digital converter with 5th IR Channel Vdd I²C PDF View Request  
TCS3430 XYZ Color light-to-digital converter with Vdd I²C 1.8V PDF View Request  
TCS34715 Color light-to-digital converter Vdd I²C PDF View Request  
TCS34717 Color light-to-digital converter 1.8v I²C PDF View Request  
TCS34725 Color light-to-digital converter Vdd I²C and IR filter PDF View Request  
TCS34727 Color light-to-digital converter 1.8v I²C and IR filter PDF View Request  

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