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Battery Application High-Side

The AS8510 + AS8525 chipset provides a signal conditioning, power management and communication layer for 12V high-side current, voltage and temperature sensing systems at a typical sample rate of 1kHz. Using a 100µΩ shunt, it offers resolution down to 2.5mA over a current range of 1,600A and at an accuracy of better than 1%. Voltage measurement accuracy is 12-bit or better.

Stand-by current is typically 80µA in current-monitoring mode. It fully conforms with all applicable automotive standards. The chipset is load-dump protected up to 42V and offers reverse polarity protection at shunt inputs and the battery voltage sense input.

For more information on this high-side automotive battery sensing application, and on the AS8525 and AS8510, visit also the product sites AS8510 +  AS8525

An Application Diagram is available too: click here

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