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AS5013 EasyPoint™ Miniature Joystick

Two-dimensional magnetic position sensor with digital coordinates output

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The AS5013 is an absolute position sensor for miniature joystick applications  with maximum strokes of +/-2.0mm in x- and y-direction based on contactless magnetic sensor technology. To measure xy-movement the sensor needs a simple 2-pole magnet. The absolute xy-position is measured with a resolution of 8-bit = 256 positions and it is provided as a digital value on the serial interface (I²C).

Key Features

  • Contactless motion and position sensing
  • Standard I²C interface
  • Low power modes
  • Interrupt for motion detection 

Key Benefits

  • Highest reliability and durability
  • Easy to use
  • Sensor for battery operated devices
  • Can be used as a wakup 

Product Facts

Resolution 8-bit (x and y)
Minimum pole pair length
Interfaces [ ] I²C
Output [ ] Digital coordinates (interface)
Max speed [m/s]
Supply voltage [V] 3.0
Temperature range [°C] -20 to +80
Package QFN-16
Automotive qualified

Additional Information

  • Remote Control
  • Gaming device
  • Miniature Joystick