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奥地利微电子可提供一系列技术领先的模拟产品, 包括多功能 的标准线性产品。为通信、工业、保健和汽车市场的全球领先厂商,我们提供各种不同应用所需的高效、可靠产品。凭借在模拟领域 20 年的经验,奥地利微电子是最低功耗和系统功率优化最佳解决方案的专家。我们拥有自己的工厂,可确保产品的高质量和供货的高度灵活性。


The AS3914-15 is a highly-integrated NFC Initiator / HF Reader IC for the automotive market. It combines high RF output power of 1 W, high sensitivity, and a unique Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT) feature, which compensates for attenuating and distorting effects, such as those caused by the metal surfaces in vehicles reaching greater reading distances than competing HF readers. This ensures the best user experience, making the detection of keys more reliable while offering a bigger volume of interaction.

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